Thursday, July 07, 2005

This is my first blog on my own web journal. I am so proud of it...tho' you will find nothing much has been put in. Sure...there will be more to come to fill up those empty spaces ...hi hi hi....
I think this is the 'in-thing' now....BLOGGING. I have read many blogs written by many people...all walks of life......and the most that I read about is on needlework - anything that may fall under this category......I think someone who read this will sneer at me....LOL! But hey! Can't get rid of this passion from me.....and I other kinds of things.....and read other topics as well.....To that someone...I will do something that will be of use to you one day.....he he he he he
Currently I think Blogspot is the most commonly used by my stitching friends from all over. And there are other blog providers that would suit you best. I tot I would give Bravenet a good try.......And I think this is much easier to manage with my current level of programming.....*I think I need to get back into school*
Well, ladies and gentlemen....this is my blogging corner. Do come over at any time and enjoy reading my blogs *but have to warn you that am not a good writer* to look for my stuff to add on to my web journal....
Have a great day....


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