Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mail Art Friends by Needle & Thread Premier Exchange

For the love of mail art that we have came so fond of ever since it was started again a few years back....a group was setup with 30 memberships from all over the world.

And the premiere mail art that we launched was themed - Monogrammes with Gwen Lewis is the honorable 1st MailArt Coordinator. This is a fun thing to do as I have never really work on any monogrammes....maybe this is the time for me to start using those famous Sajou alphabets that I have. Butttt.....I am not going to show what I did for my partner as she has yet to receive it....instead below you will see what I have received from my sender Ana Sweet.

Front view of the mailart with the monogramme 'S'

Rear view of the mailart with 2 motives from Ann Orr

And look at the goodies that came in the mailart......a postcard or Indianapolis, a card etui with lots of needles inside, 2 skeins of Ozark Sampler overdyeds and a card with Chinese knot charms.

THANK YOU ANA SWEET! You made my day


Anonymous Aniza said...

Awesome mailart & great goodies to enjoy, Leena!!:)

September 01, 2005 6:35 pm  

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