Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Seasonal Stitcher Exchange

I am part of the 2005/2006 Seasonal Stitcher Exchange at the Secret Stitchers BB and with only the first mailing done, I am already having loads of fun and the excitement of anticipation of getting the goodies in the mail. And having almost the same likes of things, gave me a mixed feeling of what I should put in for the first mailing....but, I get overexcited and bought almost anything that caught my eyes.... And of course there will be another round of shopping .... ehehehe

Well, here is what I sent to Amy Cooke (yes, she's my partner for a year and I think we are going to have wonderful year together exchanging gifts and stitches...

This is from the Tom Pudding (retired) freebie and stitched with Needle Odyssey's own handdyed cotton threads with shades of green and purple/mauve and give the right effect on the blackwork grapes.....and oh sorry no pics of the other goodies was taken.....

And this is what I received from Amy

With 2006 bouqet of roses calendar, a pack of DMC needles, a card, a tiny altoid tin, a pack of chicklets (yummyyyy...i love chicklets) and a bottle of Rose Bubble Bath ...waa hoo.....and of course....the scissors n needle keeper.....a SRE book....what a beautyy...... ahhhhhhhhh

Okay, this is the close up of the keeper......the front and the inside....and Amy is very kind to include a pair of scissors for me......Isn't that a beauty.....?

Thank you Amy.....and I am looking forward for the next mailing.....


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